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How to Expand Table Rows using jQuery, HTML and CSS

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How to Expand Table Rows using jQuery, HTML and CSS

This feature can help you organize tables better. This way, tables can hold more information such as images, lists, diagrams and other elements. In this tutorial we will show you how to expand table rows using jQuery, HTML and CSS when user clicks on a row a box with some additional details will show. You may also like How to Create Dynamic Add/Remove rows with input fields in HTML table using JavaScript.

HTML and jQuery Code

        <script src=""></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            function show_hide_row(row)
                $("#" + row).toggle();
            #table_detail tr:hover
            #table_detail .hidden_row
        <div id="wrapper">

            <table border=1 id="table_detail" align=center cellpadding=10>


                <tr onclick="show_hide_row('hidden_row1');"><td>Ankit</td><td>25</td><td>60000</td><td>Computer Programmer</td></tr>
                <tr id="hidden_row1" class="hidden_row">
                    <td colspan=4>Ankit is 25 years old and he is a computer programmer he earns 60000 per month</td>

                <tr onclick="show_hide_row('hidden_row2');"><td>Aarti</td><td>29</td><td>40000</td><td>Web Designer</td></tr>
                <tr id="hidden_row2" class="hidden_row">
                    <td colspan=4>Aarti is 29 years old and she is a web designer he earns 40000 per month</td>

                <tr onclick="show_hide_row('hidden_row3');"><td>Mohit</td><td>32</td><td>90000</td><td>Cyber Security Expert</td></tr>
                <tr id="hidden_row3" class="hidden_row">
                    <td colspan=4>Mohit is 32 years old and he is a cyber security expert he earns 90000 per month</td>

                <tr onclick="show_hide_row('hidden_row4');"><td>John</td><td>22</td><td>20000</td><td>Content Writer</td></tr>
                <tr id="hidden_row4" class="hidden_row">
                    <td colspan=4>John is 22 years old and he is a content writer he earns 20000 per month</td>

                <tr onclick="show_hide_row('hidden_row5');"><td>Mukesh</td><td>40</td><td>3,50000</td><td>Chief Executive</td></tr>
                <tr id="hidden_row5" class="hidden_row">
                    <td colspan=4>Mukesh is 40 years old and he is chief executive he earns 3,50000 per month</td>




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