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This Blog website totally used Laravel framework. I have created php blog inside admin login system to create post and display post. Create post to provides many feature like title, slug (slug means URL), meta description, image upload, tag, category, related post, url select, and text editor to write your content. View Post feature like this title, body (body means your content), slug (slug means URL), category, tag, url, comment, created date, updated date, Action (edit, view comment, and view direct post in front side).

Add Project feature mainly same as Add Post but, many other feature available like this, title, slug (slug means URL), meta description, image upload, framework, platform, programming language, IDE tool, database, download project link, preview project link, and two text editor (Admin panel, Customer Panel). View Project features same as view post. You may also like PHP Laravel Tutorial (Mobile Shop)

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Full Feature List

  • Category & Tag
    • Category menu to create category and view category.
    • Category creates only unique value.
    • Tag menu same as Category.
  • Database
    • Mysql database find inside db folder.
  • Subscribe Email
    • Subscribe Email menu show only subscribed user email.
  • Front
    • You can see front panel to click here.
    • Front panel show category wise post and page wise post, project mainly show same as post.
    • Front panel header show to menu and logo.
    • Front panel side bar to list out total category with inside your post to count and recently updated post.
    • Front panel footer show to subscribe email and other link.

I have discussed some feature need to more feature please visit website and check.