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PHP Codeigniter Project (Employee Management System) Free Download


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This Employee Management System created to manage the employee data. This system created to record all data of the employee. Download Employee management system web application project in Php with source code. Employee management system is free download available here. We have grate project collection of Php using Codeigniter. You may also like Download ECommerce Website Php Project using Codeigniter.

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Full Feature List

  • Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Employee (Register and View)
  • Shift Allocation (Register and View)
  • Shift Attendance (Register and View)
  • Attendance (Register and View)
  • Salary (Register and View)
  • Holiday (Register and View)

I have discussed some feature need to more feature please visit website and check.

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shahinul ialm

24 Sep 2017

good project thaknk you

25 Sep 2017

system like that will for free on OnceBuilder

13 Oct 2017

very nice project.. thanks also design only for employee personal details contact details and Qualification details and now to try task management for employee.
Alamshaha Shaikh

12 Jan 2018

Thanks It's really very nice project.

27 Jan 2018

Very nice dear..
francis lockwood

07 Sep 2018

wow amazing project

01 Mar 2019

thnks lot

13 Mar 2019

good project